Guardianin otsikoita ja linkkejä jouluaattona 2009

Guardianin otsikoita ja linkkejä jouluaattona 2009

News World news Indian Ocean tsunami 2004
After the 2004 tsunami: rebuilding lives, salvaging communities
Five years after deaths of 228,000 people, reconstruction effort has changed the rules of disaster response
Peter Beaumont, Ben Doherty, Randeep Ramesh and Dan Chung, Wednesday 23 December 2009 19.31 GMT

News World news Iraq
Iraq sectarian bomb attacks kill 26
Shia pilgrims targeted as they travelled to attend Ashura ceremony in holy city of Kerbala
Associated Press, Thursday 24 December 2009 16.04 GMT

News World news Yemen
Al-Qaida fighters killed in Yemen air strikes
• Defence minister says US intelligence used to target militants
• Three key figures killed in second attack on group in a week
Associated Press, Thursday 24 December 2009 16.41 GMT

Comment is free Cif America
Dear Naomi Klein, please stop making my work difficult
Describing the climate debt owed by wealthy countries as ’reparations’ makes it impossible for the US to take part
Natasha Chart, Thursday 24 December 2009 17.30 GMT

Comment is free
Sorrow and hope in Afghanistan
Sangin, where two British servicemen died recently, is a tough place to operate in. But progress is being made
Gordon Messenger, Thursday 24 December 2009 11.00 GMT

News UK news Iraq war inquiry
Iraq inquiry reveals chaos that led Britain to war
Evidence details ignorance, hasty plans and a one-sided relationship with the US
Patrick Wintour, political editor, Wednesday 23 December 2009 22.26 GMT

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