”This is the place the Finns learn what an American manager means …” Nokia, Guardian, Ballmer, Microsoft


03 September 2013 4:28pm

This is the place the Finns learn what an American manager means when he make this stock, scripted statement.

Ballmer said: ”We have no significant plans to shift around the world where work is done. We are deeply committed to Finland.”

to wit: clean out your desk. An Indian or a Bangladeshi will be sitting there tomorrow, for one quarter of your wage and none of your healthcare.

Soon the Finns will enjoy the benefits of the philosophy of American capitalism. After all, the bosses as well as the drones have the right to sleep under their desks.

LAINAUS Guardianin kommentista kirjoituksesra Microsoft ostaa Nokian matkapuhelinbisneksen


Viikkosanomat. Pertti Manninen, Keskiviikko 2013-08-04 02:09,

Microsoft chief executive officer, Steve Ballmer, (left) shakes hands with Nokia chairman and interim chief executive, Risto Siilasmaa, to seal their acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business. Photograph: Markku Ojala/EPA







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